Last Updated - 5 June 2024

The calculator has been updated to include the expanded SFI scheme offer for 2024. The 2024 offer includes previous actions from the 2023 SFI offer (some of which have been updated) plus assimilates Countryside Steward actions into a simpler single application system. Most actions last for three years, to encourage take up by tenants, with the balance lasting five years.

There are two types of actions:

  • Farmers can apply for most of the actions without specialist advice or prior approval
  • A small number of actions for certain priority habitats or species and heritage features, require prior approval from Natural England and Historic England

Remember that actions from previous schemes and offers can be stacked if the actions are compatible, and you are not paid for the same action twice. Farmers will also be financially encouraged to collaborate.

To summarise:

  • You can apply for the SFI 2023 offer until access to the application service is restricted prior to the expanded SFI (2024) offer launching in summer 2024
  • Application for SFI 2024 will be rolled out over the summer
  • To apply for CS capital grants read the link at the bottom of the page
  • Further new actions targeting priority environmental sites and educational access will also be announced later this year.

The calculator below includes most (but not all) of the SFI 2024 actions relevant to upland and hill livestock farmers. It allows you to quickly find details on each action and calculate the potential money available. Full details of the expanded SFI offer can be found at

Sustainable Farming Incentive: guidance for applicants and agreement holders – GOV.UK (

Information of all the actions can be found via the very helpful “finder” table

Find funding for land or farms – GOV.UK (

And to find out about the CS schemes use the following link

Countryside Stewardship: get funding to protect and improve the land you manage – GOV.UK (