Succession planning should involve everyone within the family who may be affected and respects the roles they may play now and in the future. A strong succession plan will help protect your farm business and your family.

If you feel isolated or uncertain about the future and you are unsure how to improve the financial performance of your business, sharing the problem with others can help.

Many people and organisations are willing to offer help, sometimes free of charge. It is important to talk about the issue sooner rather than later. Do not delay to the point where your health suffers and you are having sleepless nights. A problem shared can be a problem halved.



FarmWell provides useful information to help keep your business, and yourself, resilient through changing times and plan positively for the future.

FarmWell is an online platform that provides:

  • Information about keeping your business resilient through change.
  • Links to the most useful and user-friendly information sources across all farm business areas, where you can find information to help you plan successfully and efficiently.
  • Information to help you, your family and your staff stay resilient through change.
  • Articles, tips and programmes for keeping fit and healthy.
  • Support and help if you need it.
  • Guidance on how you can access additional support and mentoring, both from a business and personal perspective, should the need arise.

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