The Upland Farmer Toolkit is intended to support upland farmers, their families, and their advisors through the agricultural transition as Basic Payments are phased out over the coming years.

The aim of the toolkit is to be a ‘one stop shop’ to help farm businesses make informed decisions about adapting their business and making them resilient to changes, so your farm can be sustainable and profitable for the future.

The toolkit focuses on key areas of a farm business, and provides information, case studies and signposting, as well as financial calculators so farmers can see how the changes in payments will affect them. There are links to other relevant subjects on the website and to other websites for further information and guidance.

Defra FiPL LDNP Logo

Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL) is a Defra funded programme in England that funds projects to support and improve Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), National Parks and the Broads. The programme is open to farmers, land managers, and related organisations for projects under one or more four national themes: Climate, Nature, People and Place.

Find out more about how you can apply for FiPL funding in your area.

FFCC was set up to explore practical and radical solutions to the climate, nature, health and economic crises of our time. Through evidence, research, telling stories of change and much more, we seek to involve and communicate with citizens, and advocate for new ideas and new solutions.

We aim to help shape a transformation of our food system so that:

  • Healthy food is everybody’s business, levelling the playing field for a fair food system
  • Farming is a force for change, with a transition plan for agroecology by 2030, and the resources to back that plan
  • The countryside works for everyone, with a framework for sustainable land use and nature restoration, with flourishing rural economies and thriving communities where people can afford to live and work.
  • Money flows to where it is needed to align investment with the priorities for a just transition.

For more information read about FFCC’s mission.


We would like to thank Rob Fraser and the Our Upland Commons project for their permission to use some of their photographs throughout this website.